Our core competencies include insolvency and banking law.
Before setting up ib legal, we worked for major banks, fiduciary companies, courts and various authorities for over 20 years. During that time, we amassed a depth of specialist knowledge and practical know-how.

General commercial law

We advise, assist and represent our clients in all legal matters relating to commercial law. Our services meet a wide range of everyday business needs of our clients.

Insolvency and restructuring

We work as administrative receiver, private bankruptcy administrator and liquidator. We also provide the following services in particular:

Services for companies

  • Advising on the threat of over-indebtedness or liquidity bottlenecks
  • Negotiating with investors and creditors
  • Developing financial recovery and restructuring plans, and instituting in-court debt restructuring proceedings
  • Representing clients in court (for example, appealing against a declaration of bankruptcy)

Services for creditors

  • Enforcing claims 
  • Providing advice in relation to third-party insolvency situations
  • Representing creditors in insolvency proceedings and in court (for example, in actions to challenge the schedule of claims, actions for delivery and opposition proceedings)
  • Acting as member of creditors’ committees

Services for bankruptcy offices

  • Acting as assistant (for example, conservatory measures, conducting debtors’ hearings, organising and providing employee information, drawing up the inventory and liquidating the assets, ensuring debt recovery proceedings, drawing up schedules of claims and distribution plans)
  • Providing advice and assistance in complex bankruptcy cases
  • Representing bankruptcy offices in court (for example, in actions to challenge the schedule of claims and appeal proceedings)

Banking law

We advise, assist and represent private individuals, companies and banks in all matters of banking law, and pursue litigation where necessary. We especially provide support to Swiss and foreign heirs and executors in gaining and enforcing access to assets from the estate.